Frequently Asked Questions

Can I add alcohol in my drinks with this slushy machine?

Yes. You should first check the overall sugar content with a refractometer to determine if it is suitable for alcohol. It may also be a good idea to test out a recipe with alcohol so that you can know exactly how to achieve the desired result before advertising alcoholic slush drinks.

About how long does it take for drink mix to freeze in a slushy machine?

~Non-Alcohol Drinks: 30-60mins

~Alcohol Drinks: 90-120mins (varies on the amount of alcohol that’s added)

Can dairy be used in this machine?

No. The I-pro 2 machine is not designed for dairy mix products.

If I return a machine that I’ve been leasing and decide later that I want to lease the same machine again, will I be guaranteed the same machine or a different one?

Due to high demand and limited supply, we can’t guarantee a machine will be available per your request.

Do you require a year-to-year contract?

No. We only require a 4-month contract to be eligible for our month-to-month leasing program.

If I decide to return the machine during the four-month contract period, are there any penalties?

Yes. You will be assessed a $295 contract cancellation fee plus a $50 machine pick-up fee.

*Total Amount Charged: $345