Leasing Program

Advantages of Leasing a Margarita Machine.

  • No Maintenance Costs: You don’t have to worry about expensive repair bills and downtime for a broken machine. We exchange any non-working frozen drink machine within days of notification.
  • Preserve Capital: Make small monthly payments versus paying outright for a large purchase plus interest.
  • No Commitment Risk: Try a frozen drink machine in your business with a small investment. As little as $9.83 a day for a double dispensing machine.

Minimal up-Front Cost.

  • *Month to Month Lease Program.
  • To start your lease, you simply pay your first month’s lease payment.
  • Preserve Capital – No huge upfront costs for expensive equipment.
  • Easy Approval – No credit application.
  • Double-Bowl = Double Profits.

*Minimum four-month lease required.

No Costly Repairs.

  • All normal wear and tear repairs and service are covered by your lease.
  • You NEVER have to pay for maintenance or replacements.
  • You will always have a properly functioning machine that keeps your profits flowing.
  • If your unit breaks or malfunctions due to normal wear and tear – we will bring a temporary replacement to your location while yours is being repaired.

Free Delivery and Set-Up

  • We will deliver the machine to your location.
  • We set up the machine and make sure it is functioning properly.
  • We will train and leave you with instructions on how to operate and care for the machine.
  • We are always available if you have questions on how to operate the machine.

Potential Profits Example

If you only sell 20 gallons of frozen drinks in one month, you can gross $2,130. Many restaurants and bars can sell more than this. Profit breakdown: 20 gallons is 2,560 ounces and if you sell 213 glasses (twelve-ounce) at $10.00 each, this equals to $2,130. Your costs to factor in is the lease, liquor, and mixes. Lease a double machine at $295, liquor at $180, case of quality mixes at $110. With 20 gallons in sales each month, your estimated profit would be $1,545.

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